Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another Great Week!

July 28, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This truly has been another great week. I have grown incredibly. My teacher, Sorella Bucco, pointed out that we can always reach a higher potential in our lives especially in missionay work and that it isn't necessarily about reaching the goal but striving to do our best because that is what the Lord wants from us. 

I loved receiving packages from my family this week as well as a very nice letter from the Moore Family that I found very touching. Some fun things from the week were that we have become a whole lot more musical as we are learning Italian like making up songs like "tutte le donne sole", "It's beginning to look a lot like P-day,", and my personal favorite
"Manga Banana". We also found out that batman means uomo di pipistrello which is a whole lot less intimidating. Also some fun misakes we have heard in our distict are "Jesus is my son" instead of brother, and "Joseph smith atoned for our sins" rather than Jesus Christ. We have also decided to be more obedient in our langauge by eliminating out slang like "dude" or jus calling someone by a last name instead of Elder or Sister. 

Anyway, Italian is really catching on I think. The conversations Anziano Bolton and I have with our investigators are becoming more fluent as we begin to learn more and more tenses for our verbs so now we actualy make slightly more sense. We also have begun too memorize all of D+C 4 in Italian too! But actually in the MTC  I find we focus a whole lot more on how to teach rather than the language that we teach in. I have had some great spiritual experiences and I hope to continue to apply what I am learning to my mission as well as to the investigators I am teaching right now. 

I have taken the advice of one devotional with Don R. Clarke and have begun keeping a spritual revelation journal so I know what to improve on and have memory of those sweet experiences where the Spirit guides me perfectly in understanding another one of our heavenly brothers and sisters. I have also taken up Elder Bednar's advice and to read the Book of Mormon all the way through and only highlight a concept in it that I am strivng to learn like Faith or Repentence. For me, I am beginning like Elder Bednar with understanding the Character of Christ as well as the opposite of it because I feel it is what I most need for my mission. I have been praying constantly for the guidance of the Holy Ghost in how I can increase  my capacity to love my companion, and district more. What I have begun to really found is that it centers on serving others and being a light for others. Christ is often refered to as The Light (3rd Nephi 11-19). Light permanently shines outward from the source and cannot shine inward or else it would cease to be light. therefore, I am striving to shine forth and share the gospel, the joy and love that exists and follow my Savior by serving others (Alma 34:28)

Sunday was really amazing because Pioneer Day is a very big holiday in Utah. So as apart of a 1500 missionary choir, we sang with the Nashville Tribute Band. It was perfect! It was so touching to hear tributes to pioneers, missionaries, and especially to Jesus Christ and sing with them too. I began to tear up when they sang about the hardest thing we ever loved to do was say goodbye to your mom and serve this mission. But I can testify that is the best thing I will do as a young man. I am learning so much through the scriptures to strive for that selfless love of Christ and serve and sacrifice. I heard a great experience from Elder Holland about when president Hinckely announced the need for Preach My Gospel and teaching differenly than they had for the past decades. Its an amazing story about a missionary in Czechoslovakia and how his dedication and diligence and preparation, made him ready for the day that he would knock on someones door and give a woman the knowledge she so desired. I will leave it to you to look it up but I really just want to say how I want to work so hard and sacrifice my all and keep reminding myself of this because of those people out there who are God's children and because I absolutely love my Savior and am in debt to his mercy and love.

I challenge you all to remember a time when you felt the Spirit the strongest or the love of God either in prayer or in service or on your mission. And strive to remember why it was so perfect in that moment and how could you recreate such a wonderful experience like that. That is what I challenged the members we taught this week in TRC and that is what I am striving to do. I love you all and love, love, love just to hear your emails or even just to see you through pictures. I hope to continue to do my best!

Love you lots!

Anziano Price

P.S. The package really was great, thank you! I don't think there is anything I need right now. Love you!

 My district at the temple


This was when we ate a cake without utensils that Anziano Jackson got.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Things Keep Getting Better and Better!

My MTC District...all going to Rome!
Anziano Vance, Anziano Jackson, Anziano Bolton, Me, Anziano Morrill, Anziano Gunnell
Sorella Walch, Sorella Taylor
Dear Family,

I don't know how but the weeks keep on getting more and more amazing!!  P-day is amazing because I get to remember all the great things that have happened up until now!  First off, we finished teaching our investigator Chiara after 5 lessons and evaluated how well we did.  Anziano Bolton and I really improved this week.  We began teaching Edith and Gabriella the next week, and the Holy Ghost has been with us every step of the way. Yesterday we went to TRC where you practice teaching lessons in Italian to members. We taught to two members who both were so strong in their testimonies that I thought I was learning from them and they were teaching.  Anziano Bolton is the best and always knows the right questions to ask to get to know their needs! We had devotional review after Tuesday and it was amazing to hear him say that this district was meant to be.  That me and him are completely opposite in our personalities and yet we are perfect together, helping each other in different aspects of our lives and missionary work. 

Luckily, we are getting a lot better at our Italian and have met our district and zone goals for mastering Italian so far.  Our district also has grown so much closer as we talk and share our spiritual experiences and continue to make mistakes in our Italian.  Latin is pretty similar with some of the words but the pronunciation and actual speaking of it is what I mostly need to practice (like how to have an actual conversation in it).  We always mess up in a lesson ( "woman of the Holy Ghost instead of gift of the holy ghost" or pray to receive flowers instead of pray out loud to receive answers).  But the Spirit makes up for it all!

Also, Elder Bednar came to our Sunday Devotional!!  It was so cool!  After our choir practice, the devotional began with us watching the "Character of Christ," a famous Bednar MTC devotional and so I thought that there was no speaker for tonight.  But then after it ended, everyone stood up and I realized that Elder Bednar was on the stand!  He wanted to answer our questions about anything related to tonight and the mission field.  I definitely got some answers from him.  It made the night so much more special, especially since I was beginning to feel sick.  Luckily, I feel fully recovered now and only had a sort of hard day on Monday.  Also on Sunday I taught a lesson in priesthood.  I was nervous at first since President Taylor was also in the classroom with us but I just taught and bore my testimony and it was a super great discussion.  I mostly lead it on the Anti-Nephi-Lehies and how they were so firm in the faith and remained converted when almost all the Nephites had fallen into iniquity during the time of Samuel the Lamanite.  I traced the origin of their faith back to when Aaron taught the King of the Lamanites, which really showed the importance of missionary work, especially in teaching only one person.  Overall, I have received countless impressions from the Spirit that we are sent to teach one person in particular that will shape the world.  Later I was reminded by someone that Abinadi would actual have started that train of conversion since Abinadi testified and posthumously converted Alma which later lead to the sons of Mosiah and Alma the Younger to having their miraculous conversion.  Just one person lead the the conversion of thousands of people. 

On Tuesday, Elder Don R. Clarke spoke about how exact obedience is necessary, how we should always rely on the Holy Ghost, and to never fear the world for the Lord is on our side.  His words were super touching and powerful, making me want to be the best missionary I can by having the Spirit with me constantly and never giving up.  He told a story where an Italian missionary went to England where Italians were hated at the time and in a mission where you only baptize on average 2, he baptized 100!! I know that the Spirit guides us even when we don't know.  Elder Bednar is the best when it comes to missionary work because he shared another story in another MTC devotional about Elder Packer being Germany and giving him 20 something in German money. I challenge you to read that story and ponder on what it truly means.  The scripture that defined this week to me was Matt. 10:21-22 or something, where it says I give you the knowledge in the very hour that you need. I have seen that as we bore testimony and taught in our lessons.  I miss you guys dearly but honestly I try to keep my mind focused on the Lord and not think too hard about life at home.  Always tell me what's happening but I love it even more when you bear testimony and share those stories. 

Io so che queste cose e vero, e Gesu Cristo e mio Salvatore! Io so che lo Spirito Santo e reale e il Padre Celeste ci ama e conosca ci. 

Voglio bene!

Anziano Price

P.S.  Sorry I can't email everyone, I only get an hour to email. Btw, Mrs. Taylor's class sounds super awesome!  Tell everyone to write and email!)

Also this is Chiara, our teacher now. She's amazing!

Sunday, July 17, 2016


My MTC District
Anziano Vance, Anziano Jackson, Anziano Gunnell, Anziano Morrill, Anziano Bolton, Me
Sorella Walch, Sorella Taylor
Dear Family,

I love reading every single email. I love the letters and the great messages of encouragement. Luckily I have not felt homesick at all mostly because of what you guys say and remind me of my calling. Every day I am reminded of the calling I hold, my purpose as a missionary and my testimony grows constantly.

Okay so major updates! My entire district is going to Rome Italy along with me so that is a major blessing. We all get along super well and love to talk and study together. My companion, Anziano Bolton, is a great person. He's from a small town in Colorado and loves to play sports like basketball and soccer. Everyday we wake up at 6:20 to get a head start on the showers and get dressed. Thank you Mom for teaching me how to iron because I do it every night so my shirt is pressed and ready for the day tomorrow. We go to the MTC cafeteria for breakfast which is great. I'm doing my best to follow the Word of Wisdom when I eat so that I am prepared for my mission and healthy every day. Our Branch president has encouraged us to be obedient in every thing and have quiet dignity about it so I thought I would try and apply it to everything!
Elder Bolton at the MTC
Class begins at 7:50 usually and goes for 3 hours where we study language, apply it to gospel principles and discuss our purpose as missionaries and more language study. They tell us to Speak Your Language always so our district does our best using Italian in every day language. I'll write something at the end. We also have workshops, 3 hours of study everyday, time to teach investigators, etc. The days are crazy but super fun and hard all the same. I love to learn here and grow in my testimony. We taught a lesson in Italian on our third day here! Tonight will be our fifth lesson with the investigator and we are doing a lot better at focusing on her needs and speaking Italian!
My room at the MTC
I can't talk a lot but I will just say I love it here and I love hearing from you guys! And I want to bear my testimony in Italian.

Io so che tramite L'Espiazione, possiamo senitre pace e il perdono. Io so che Jospeh Smith e profeta, e tramite lui il vangelo di Gesu Cristo era restaurato e noi possiamo essere battezzato e ricevere il dono dello Spirito Santo. Il Libro di Mormon e vero, e la chiesa di Gesu Cristo dei Santi degli Ultimi Giorni e vero!

Wish me luck and send more emails and letters. I want to hear from everyone. Sorry if I can't email everyone, I only get one hour!

Le voglio bene!

Anziano Price

P.S. I'll try and get some real letters at the store so I can send them. Also if you could send up my Utah state jacket that could be nice for when it is cold. And also I have never been more excited to do laundry today! And I will send more pics!
MTC Zone with Branch Presidency (with President Taylor)

My bed at the MTC...bottom bunk!

Friday, July 8, 2016

July 8, 2016

Dear Mom, 

Thank you so much for this wonderful email! The Branch President allowed us to take 5 minutes today and write since our P-day isnt until next Thursday. Yes, I've seen Lindsey M. up here, as well as Elder Grayson S., Elder James W., as well as people from my old seminary classes. The MTC is truly wonderful and the third day has been the best so far. I actually already bought flashcards and some hangers for all my ties, only 83 cents. 

Turns out my Branch President served in the Phoenix Arizona Mission when the temple broke ground and left right before it was dedicated! Italian immersion is crazy but I already know how to somewhat introduce myself, pray, testify and recite the missionary purpose in italian. My companion is amazing and I grow to love him more and more each day. Tell everyone I love him and tell Alex if you see him on Sunday that the MTC is awesome, but a lot of constant work and different from what you expect. Luckily, I'm beginning to really feel like a missionary. But it takes  while to get into the routine. We teach a discussion in italian today too! Tell everyone I love them and that I know this gospel is true and that I will write next Thursday. But I can still read your emails throughout the week. Love you lots!!!!


Anziano Price

P.s. I will have pics next time!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

First Day!!

Hi Mom!!

They let you write an email on the first day! It has been a blast so far! Today is one of the largest missionary transfer days, over 650 missionaries are arriving today! I rode on the plane with around 12 missionaries accompanying me just from Phoenix. Everything has gone so well so far. Lori and her family stopped by to say hi and gave me a tie before I left on the Shuttle. I could have called but I figured that you were still flying and also wouldn't want to say goodbye twice in one day. 

Everything is so organized and wonderful at the MTC. Everyone is so friendly, always saying "Welcome to the MTC" and are so helpful. I have received my key, room, all my books, and just met my mission companion. I just started some orientation and they are also throwing us straight into language immersion. It's a little intense but I can't wait! I feel like I'm going to really like it here! I love you and hope that you are doing just fine in saying goodbye for two years. I promise to send pictures as soon as I can. Now I gotta go! Love you! Share this with everyone!


Anziano Price

Ciao for Now

Yesterday Caleb said goodbye to Ethan, Savannah, and Olivia in Newport Beach. We had a family prayer, tearful goodbyes, and then Caleb, David, and I flew back to Arizona. 


After we landed we changed quickly and met President Martin at the stake center for Caleb's setting apart.  Caleb was set apart as a missionary to serve in the Rome, Italy mission and also received a beautiful blessing from the stake president. He was blessed with health and strength, and protection. He was blessed with knowledge of and comfort from the Holy Ghost, the third member of the Godhead. He was blessed with being a peacemaker and the ability to be unified with his companions.  He was blessed to love his mission president and with obedience to do all that he asked. He was blessed that his mind would be open and he would learn much. He was blessed to love the Italian people and blessed to be a disciple of Christ.  It was a very sweet experience. 

Afterwards, we went to dinner and then home to do one last load of laundry, last minute packing, and saying goodbye to his close friends, Alex and Nick Curtis and Brooklyn Edwards. 


This morning we left for the airport early, just after 5 am. We got him checked in, had a quick breakfast and then said our goodbyes. It was so sweet and Caleb was beaming, smiling big as he waved goodbye. We are so incredibly proud of the valiant missionary he is and know that he will do great things for the Lord. 


Caleb will be a great missionary!  We love him and feel it such a privilege to be his parents. May the Lord bless him as he enters the MTC today!!


Saturday, July 2, 2016

It's the Final Countdown!

The bags are packed and we are headed to Newport Beach for a couple of days before Caleb is set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  In just four days he will be boarding a plane for the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah.

We have spent the last few days cleaning out his room and boxing up his stuff, getting last minute supplies, ironing and labeling, and finally, packing the suitcases.  (We were way under the weight limit and had plenty of room for everything!  I couldn't believe it!)  It has been a sweet and tender few days.  I made Caleb a quick quilt to have as a reminder of the constant love and support he will have from home, and also the constant and ready help that is always there from heaven.  It's hard to believe after so many years of preparation that he is really leaving, but he's ready and now we have a few precious hours together at our favorite beach.  It seems like the best way to spend the days we have left.

We are so grateful for Caleb's desire, willingness, and worthiness to serve a mission.  What an amazing time the last three months have been.  I hope I never forget these precious days.